REXhome - Burglar alarm and smart home

What is REXhome?

REX presents complete smart home solutions, designed to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and security. REXhome smartly links security and home automation. From just one place, you can control smart home features and the security of your home or business.

Unlike old, blind burglar alarms, REXhome features a video verification. But REXhome is not a camera surveillance system that continuously records hours and hours of video. Rather, REXhome is a new generation of alarm that sends a sequence of pictures only with the intruder.

Smart home can control anything you can imagine, from heating, air conditioning, and lighting to window shutters. Your house becomes truly self-controlled, with pre-set scenarios, responding to temperature, time, detectors etc. Furthermore, REXhome is fully compatible with any ZigBee or Z-Wave home automation product.

The system is also accessible remotely through a web interface in the computer or from a cellular phone. A mobile application for better control on the way is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. There is also a mobile friendly website for other mobile devices.

Key features

  • High reliability
  • Home automation and security
  • Easy installation and control
  • Video verification
  • Wireless installation for lower costs and more simplicity
  • GSM/GPRS/3G communication
  • Simple installation to finished buildings
  • Plug and play packages - no setup necessary
What next?
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